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Welcome to Hobinishops, where creativity knows no bounds! With over 20 years of experience, we are a passionate trio of self-taught German artists, designers, and photographers.  Art runs deep in our family, and we take pride in making your wishes come true through our craft.

From our humble beginnings as a hobby, we have grown to sell our original art to a diverse range of clients, including companies, private individuals, hospitals, and even customers in the United Kingdom. Additionally, we have had the privilege of brightening the days of handicapped individuals through art classes.

At Hobinishop, we believe in never giving up and continuously pushing the boundaries of our creativity. Our motto is to keep trying, experimenting, and refining until we are satisfied with the end result.

You can find our artwork under various names, each representing a unique aspect of our artistic endeavors. Whether it's through our wedding-centric designs at wedding Hobinishop, the exquisite patterns at Hobinishop, or the captivating interior designs, we offer a diverse range of artistic expressions.

We showcase our art on multiple platforms, each with its own collection and style:

  • wedding Hobinishop on Zazzle: Discover our homemade customizable wedding items that exude Rustic Charm, Elegant Classic, Modern Minimalist, Whimsical Romance, Vintage Glam, Tropical Paradise, Coastal, Boho Chic, Glamorous Gold, Garden Delight, Floral, Beach Bliss, and LGBTQ+ designs.

  • Hobinishop; Home decor, real foil prints, T-Shirts, graduation, Tech, celebration & Occasion

  • eBay: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of our physical products printed on canvas. Experience the colorful abstract swirl batik pouring artworks that add a touch of vibrancy to any space.

To stay connected with us and witness our artistic journey, you can find us active on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram. Join our creative community and be inspired by our latest works, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exciting updates.

At Hobinishop, we are driven by a deep passion for art and the desire to make a positive impact through our creations. We invite you to explore our diverse range of art collections across multiple platforms and let us bring your artistic visions to life.
Wedding Hobinishop

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